Running your own business doesn’t mean you have to do everything. Let CAPTAX and Associates relieve you of the strenuous duties and assist with the details. Our business advisors will provide a free comprehensive review and assessment of key tax topics related to running your business. There is no cost, no commitment and no obligation. The consultation will cover:

Fed & State 1065, 1120 or 1120S are Prepared Prompt & Efficiently
Tax deductions and credits for your business
Income and expense record keeping guidance
General tax guidance for employees and contractors
Project and plan for quarterly and year-end taxes
We understand the value of loyalty and trustworthy partners who will identify and build commitment you can rely on as a business owner. From advice on starting a business through payroll processing, bookkeeping, HR/Compliance assistance, Best Interest Detailing and setting a Corporate standard that your staff and clients come to know and appreciate in your branded model is exactly what our model exists to assist.

CTS Business can help you navigate the unique tax requirements that come along with running a business.

Services include:

Bookkeeping or record-keeping review and reconciliation
Payroll processing and forms filing (1099, W2, Unemployment Taxes)
Sales and use tax filing
Quarterly tax estimates and payments
Identifying State Compliances
Profit and Loss Statements / Balance Sheet Summary
By working with CTS Business Services, you’ll gain valuable insight and advice from a trusted partner that’s dedicated to your business long-term. You can count on our specialists whenever you have questions, need advice or want help with specific tasks. At CapTax, you will get the Max quality and committed service levels in helping you leave with a better situation than the one you came in with.

…Providing payroll, bookkeeping and ENTERPRISE CONSULTATION to small businesses.
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